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Cancellation Policy

1) You may pay for your stay in Antoniadi Rooms with all available methods, such as cash, credit card, ebanking, money transfer or any other method to be accepted by us in the future. Out payment policy is the following:

  • For Non Refundable Rates, upon reservation, the full amount will be charged on your credit card, which will be non-refundable in case of cancellation, modification or non-show.
  • For Flexible Rates, a credit card guarantee is required, in order to secure your reservation. The Hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards prior to the Guest’s arrival. The credit card will be charged only if cancellation fees are applicable, based on the Hotel’s cancellation policy.

2) Our payment policy is presented in our website and will, also, be provided during the booking procedure relating to your specific order submitted through our web tools and platform or Booking Agents or their platforms. A specific payment policy may be provided in the Customer’s Booking Confirmation.  

In order to provide you with special offers or discounts, we may request that you pay in advance part or the whole amount of the billable charges for your booking. In such case, we may not provide you with a Booking Confirmation, if you have not paid this amount within the timeframe provided.

3) In case you pay through a credit card the Hotel has the right to request at your arrival that you show your credit card in the front desk. If you deny showing your credit card or if the name written in the credit card is not the same as the Customer’s, then the Hotel can immediately cancel the Booking Confirmation and refuse to provide to you and your Guests accommodation services. In such case, you may pay cash and the Hotel will not cancel your Booking Confirmation. In case the name in the credit card is different than the Customer’s and the credit card owner is present and willing to become the Customer, then the Hotel will provide accommodation services as long as the credit card owner signs the Registration Form.

4) In order to provide a Booking Confirmation, Antoniadi Rooms will usually request that a deposit is paid in the Hotel’s account or charged in your credit card on behalf of the Hotel. If your booking is made through a Booking Agent, such deposit will be included in such Booking Agent’s billing voucher. In case you are not present in the Hotel at the arrival date mentioned in the Booking Confirmation and you do not use our accommodation services or you do not inform us accordingly, then the Hotel will keep the aforementioned deposits as reimbursement and be free to offer the room or rooms kept for the Customer to any third party.  

5) Our cancelation policy is the following:

  • For Non Refundable Rates, no free cancellation is allowed for these rates. If the booking is cancelled or modified or in case of non-show of the Customer and his or her Guests, an amount equal to the 100% of the booking rates will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • For Flexible Rates, cancellation policies may vary, depending on the Hotel’s policy and the dates of your reservation.

Our cancelation policy is, also, provided in our website, as well as during the booking process, relating to your specific order, either through our booking tools and platform or through the platforms of Booking Agents. The specific cancellation policy for your approved products and services is included in the Customer’s Booking Confirmation. For bookings with Flexible Rates, if the aforementioned documents do not mention our cancellation policy, the Hotel will have the right to keep your deposit, if you do not inform us that you wish to cancel your booking, more than 21 days before the date of your arrival (check-in) as provided for in your Booking Confirmation. However, in case that the booking with Flexible Rates is accompanied with special offers and discounts, the Hotel will have the right to keep the full amount of the deposit.  

6) In case you want to change your booking or your arrival and departure dates (check in & check out), you must send your request to the Hotel. The Hotel is not obliged to accept such request and this will depend on the Hotel’s availability, the dates you initially booked and other factors. In addition, this may entail extra charges, which will be communicated to you. In case the Hotel accepts your request and you approve any additional charges that may apply, you will receive an updated Booking Confirmation. Only an updated Booking Confirmation shall be considered as valid approval of a change of booking or a change in arrival and departure dates on behalf of the Hotel.  

7). The Customer is obliged to pay the Overnight Stay Tax that is imposed by the Greek Government. The Overnight Stay Tax will be payable by guests when checking in and is based on the official rating of the accommodation, as follows:

  • 5 Star Hotels: 4.00€ per room per night
  • 4 Star Hotels: 3.00€ per room per night
  • 3 Star Hotels: 1.50€ per room per night
  • 1-2 Star Hotels: 0.50€ per room per night

Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

8) Any other charges for additional services provided during the Guest's stay will be either paid immediately or debited to each room's account. The Customer shall settle in full the accounts of all rooms booked by him before departure. The Hotel shall provide the Customer with the relevant invoice that will indicate the respective charges in detail.